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Completely transform your outdoor area into a comfortable year-round living space with a retractable patio awning! Transform the atmosphere and control temperatures with fully controllable shading. Don’t let the chance of having the perfect terrace or balcony pass you by, pick the perfect retractable patio canopy or awning from the variety of options on offer at Awning Depot!

At Awning Depot, we strive to supply our customers with sun-shading solutions tailored to their individual needs. Whether you’re looking for a fixed or retractable cover, you can personalise your awning by selecting your preferred colour or adding a valance to create a functional and stylish addition that will take the comfort and curb appeal of your property and garden to the next level!

Enjoy the Full Comfort of Your Outdoor Living Space

Regardless of how you want to use your patio, we believe that everyone deserves the luxury of having the perfect conditions to spend time relaxing outside and enjoying the fresh air. That’s exactly what you get with our patio awning!

Designed and made with the British weather and its constant changes in mind, they can provide pleasant shade on a sunny day and rain cover on a rainy one. With a sturdy, wall-mounted frame, they can cope well with light winds and electric garden awnings that retract independently when the wind gets stronger to protect the fabric and arms thanks to wind sensors.

Choose high-quality retractable awnings perfect for any weather to enjoy your garden space exactly as you want and experience the highest level of comfort at all times throughout the entire summer season!

Bring style and functionality to your garden with our beautiful,
made-to-measure and weather-resistant awnings!

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A retractable awning secong to none

We use carefully selected materials and fabric to manufacture awnings that not only meet industry standards but exceed them. With years of experience and a constant drive to improve our services, we can combine traditional designs with modern functionality and innovative solutions. Our motorised retractable awnings are the perfect example of this approach! Equipped with a motorised mechanism that allows the awning to be extended or retracted with just one click of a remote control button, made of durable and weather-resistant components, it offers versatility and functionality designed for long years of use.

Whether you’re looking for small awnings mounted above individual windows or a large awning to shield your entire outdoor seating area from the sun and rain, we can deliver the right solution for your property. Find the perfect model for you and add your personal twist to it to make it your own!

The Best Made-to-Measure Balcony Awning UK has to Offer

All our awnings are manufactured from start to finish in our UK-based factory, which enables us to guarantee that every single detail is made with precision, care and according to your order. From choosing the size and type of your awning to making small changes in its design, such as adding a valance or LED lighting or changing the colour of the frame or the cover, you get a level of control over the final product that cannot be matched by off-the-shelf solutions.

If you’d like to take a closer look at our products and see the fabrics with your own eyes before making your decision, you can make an appointment and visit our showroom! This way, you’ll enjoy the undivided attention of our expert and professional help with tailoring your awnings to your needs.

Functional Solutions to Add Style to Your Property

We manufacture bespoke manual and electric patio awnings that will fit right in with the design of your patio, enhancing the exterior of your house while providing pleasant shade over your outdoor seating area. Each of the models we offer creates a different effect, with Victorian awnings being perfect for more traditional neighbourhoods and full cassette ones offering a more modern look while also protecting the cover from the elements when closed.

A patio awning can offer more than just rain and sun protection. Thanks to one of the UK’s largest online selections of waterproof fabrics and awning designs, you can choose from a variety of patterns and colours to turn your balcony or patio awning into a unique feature to add style and character to your property. You can personalise it further by adding a valance, LED lighting or hand-printed signwriting.

Why Retractable Patio Awnings From Awning Depot?

People Also Ask:

No one solution will be perfect for every outdoor area and garden. Your choice should always be based on your individual needs and expectations. We offer a wide range of patio and garden awnings from fixed to both manual and automatic retractable awnings to canopies and more, all of which can be fully customised according to your requirements.

If you’re not sure what the best option for your patio is, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our friendly and experienced team will be happy to tell you more about our products.

All our patio awnings have sturdy frames and covers made of high-quality waterproof fabrics. Additionally, our range of half- and full-cassette retractable awnings come with integrated wind sensors that automatically retract the awning when detecting strong winds and gales.

Retractable garden awnings are a flexible shading solution that gives you the freedom to use your garden space in any way you like at any time. They provide effective cover against the sun and rain but can be easily retracted to let you bask in the sunlight or let more daylight enter through the windows. With many extra functions, such as LED lighting, wind sensors and remote control, a retractable garden awning can transform your outdoor space into a comfortable extension of your home.

We provide videos with full-fitting instructions for all our products on our website. However, we strongly advise against attempting a DIY installation if you don’t have the specialist knowledge and tools needed to avoid mistakes. If you want your awning to be quickly and professionally mounted, let us know! We have an experienced in-house team that can install it for you!

Our awnings are made to measure, and their cost depends on factors such as the type of operation, fabric, size and installed extras, e.g., LED lighting, among other things. Please request a quote and let us know what you’re interested in.