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Frequently Asked Questions

Motivation to purchase an awning differs as much as the very range of products and their applications. In essence, an awning is a stylish solution to shade an outside space (residential and commercial) and to protect it from rain but it can easily be adapted to suit many more individual needs.

A wind sensor will send a signal to your motor to retract the awning when the wind gets too much. Once set, it will automatically protect your awning from potential damage during storms and in case of unpredictable weather, giving you one less thing to worry about!

At Awning Depot each product is custom made. Call us, tell us what you need, and we will find the best option, tailor-made to your building, suitable for its function and design.

The awning can be a minimum of 2.2 metres and the maximum of 6 metres. If you need an awning wider than 6 metres, please call us to discuss it.

The maximum projection awnings can come out is 4 metres, but this is affected by various factors. Our experiences engineers will help you find the best option.

The best guideline for this is to ensure that there is enough headroom and that any surrounding doors or windows can fully open when the awning is extended. We would recommend 20 cm clearance above door frames and an installation height of 2.5-3.5 metres.

We like challenges and are ready to offer unconventional solutions. Give us a call and let us work around whatever it is that is stopping you form having an awning.

Yes, all our frameworks are white, but for an additional charge it can be powder coated in a stunning colour of your choice.

At Awning Depot we recommend a motorised awning, as it will give you the option to open an awning with a press of a button. Not only that, equipped with a wind or light sensor, it will also work for you when you are busy or absent.

Yes, but awnings can be heavy with extremely powerful springs which can be dangerous if not handled with great care. It is best to leave it up to a specialist team.

The motors use 13 amp plugs with a single phase and are compatible with a standard mains supply.

At Awning Depot we promise a long-lasting product and use aluminium components and best quality fabrics. If properly maintained, your investment will last you for many years. Should you, at any point after the purchase, need technical support or advice, we will be more than happy to help.

It is very unlikely that something will break, but should you lose a remote control, want to re-vamp your awning with a different colour fabric, install LED or light or wind sensor, our technical team is the best port of call.

After your purchase is complete, you will automatically receive an order confirmation email. From then on, we will remain in touch and contact to arrange a convenient delivery date or with further questions. Should you not receive the order confirmation email, please call us during office hours.

Our timelines vary, depending on the product type, as some products take slightly longer to manufacture than others. Our average order to fitting turnaround is 7-12 working days.

Yes, you can. If you wish to delay delivery until a specific date, please contact us first so we can arrange this for you.

Yes, when your order is ready for dispatch we will contact you via email with a scheduled delivery date and time.

We are very flexible arranging the time and date of the delivery, but we ask that you are present. If not, the product will be shipped back to us generating an additional charge for re-delivery.

We inspect every item carefully before dispatch. However, transport, especially if carried out by a third party, does not always go smoothly. Upon the receipt of your order, it is a good idea to inspect the packaging for damage and, if there is any damage, take pictures, report to the delivery driver, and inform Awning Depot as soon as possible.

We ensure that every product is tested and packaged adequately before dispatch and to avoid damage. In the unlikely event there is a problem, please contact us immediately.

We do not deliver to Northern Ireland, Scotland, the Scottish Islands, the Isle of Man and Isle of Wight unless it is specifically requested. Delivery to all other destinations will have to be arranged directly by the client.adequately before dispatch and to avoid damage. In the unlikely event there is a problem, please contact us immediately.

Learning from our mistakes, we have been improving the way to package our products for over 17 years now. Trust us – we will ensure the standards of packaging are appropriate for that particular product to arrive safely to you.

Structural Support:

All components including arms and accessories attached to this awning are warranted against manufacturers defects. If the purchaser promptly notifies Awning Depot Ltd of such defects within 12 months of the date of the original purchase, the original component will be replaced at no charge. After one year from the original purchase date the defected component will be replaced by the purchaser at the manufacturer’s full retail cost.

Awning Depot Ltd warranty covers:

Structural support (arms, square bars, front bars and other attached supports), provided that the components are not subjected to excessive winds or water pooling on the fabric.


Fabrics under normal conditions, if maintained, operated, used and stored in accordance with the instructions laid out in the owner’s manual and not subjected to excessive wind, snow and water pooling on the fabric.


Gear mechanisms or electric motors. Any faults accruing from modifications or additions to the awning structure and support system are not warranted.

  • AWNING DEPOT LTD awnings are not designed to be used on moving vehicles, therefore any damage that results from the purchaser will not be valid by this warranty.
  • If there is any failure or damage to this product caused by an unintentional or negligent action by the purchaser or any other person is not valid by this warranty.
  • It is the responsibility of the purchaser to securely fasten the awning to studs joins or brick walls or other structural components and failure or damage that results from the awning.
  • Falling from the installed position is not covered under this warranty and no labour charges or replacement parts will be covered by this warranty.
  • Any modification or addition to the awning structure and support system or to the electric motor will invalidate your warranty.
  • Damage occurring from excessive wind, snow or water pooling on the fabric.
  • Damage occurring from the use of hard chemicals or bleach as they can cause the fabric to deteriorate.
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