Dutch Canopies

Dutch canopies are prized for both their stylish appearance and high functionality. Their distinctive, quadrant shape can enhance the look of any property, improving its kerb appeal and attracting the attention of people passing by. Commonly chosen by both homeowners and business owners, they offer effective protection against excessive sunlight helping you ensure a moderate indoor temperature and providing pleasant shade in front of the building, e.g., over an outdoor seating area, on a hot day. Whether you want to stop your home from overheating in the summer or protect the products displayed in your shop window from fading and sun damage, our Dutch canopies will do the job perfectly while providing you with the highest level of comfort at the best price for this quality.

A very popular, and yet unique style with
its distinct quadrant shape, the Dutch Canopy will add more style to your shop, restaurant, hotel or balcony.

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Invest in quality and comfort

We offer bespoke and tailored to your needs Dutch canopies that use high-quality materials, stylish design and professional manufacturing process to bring style and comfort to commercial and residential properties. Our high-quality aluminium frames can be covered with a range of innovative fabrics to meet the requirements of your property and situation. Its sturdy construction, flexibility and durability mean that, with our Dutch canopy, UK weather and its ever-changing conditions will no longer be something to worry about.

By ordering your new Dutch canopy from Awning Depot, you’re choosing quality and craftsmanship that distinguish our Dutch canopies from other products available on the market.

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Stand out from the competition

The unique and eye-catching design of Dutch canopies is an easy way to add style to your shop, restaurant, hotel or balcony. We understand that no one knows the needs of your business as well as you do, so depending on whether you want your Dutch canopy to fit seamlessly into the style of your property or become its distinctive feature – the final look of the design is entirely up to you. Find the most suitable colours and patterns among the wide selection of high-quality fabrics we offer and give your business the appearance it deserves.

But the classic yet distinctive look that makes Dutch canopies stand out is not the only reason why it’s a sound investment for your business. If you find yourself in need of additional advertising space or are looking to personalise your shop front – our exceptional Dutch canopies can offer you just that! Our services include adding handcrafted signwriting on the cover to make your logo, name, contact details or any other information you want to highlight perfectly visible even from afar.

Technical Info

Made of extruded anodised aluminium

Made of glass filled nylon in grey or white

Easy to install by using aluminium hooks

100’s of colour fabrics from top European suppliers

Retractable through a cord and pulley system or fixed in place

Made of flexible plastic to hide staples.

Projection: from 0.6 to 1.2 metre projection
Width: smallest canopy size 1 metres and up to 6 metres

How to install
Dutch Canopy

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Why Dutch Canopies from Awning Depot?

  • Great, highly competitive price for a quality product. 
  • Fast turnaround as canopies are manufactured and assembled here in the UK, rather than imported from overseas.
  • Dealing directly with a manufacturer rather than through distributors, you get personal service when selecting your customised, made to measure canopy from initial contact, design through to installation and after-sales service.
  • We do not use sub-contractors for installation – we have our own in-house experienced and knowledgeable installation team. 
  • Wide choice of fabrics in stock.
  • Canopies are available in both retractable and non-retractable options.
  • For businesses, handcrafted signwriting for the main section and the valance to your design. 
  • Quality built into our canopies using light, high-quality aluminium frames.
  • Warranty of 1 year for canopies and 5 years for the canopy fabric from the fabric manufacturer. 
  • In-house steel fabrication of canopy fixings suitable for your building structure, e.g., wall brackets etc.
  • Great after-sales service.

Choose the quality that exceeds expectations and add style to your home or long-lasting popularity and value to your business with our Dutch canopies!

People Also Ask:

To improve the appearance of your property and increase its comfort by maintaining pleasant temperature indoors and providing a bit of shade over the outdoor area or your shop window.

They can be installed over doors, windows, or entire shop fronts. At Awning Depot, we provide made to order canopies suitable for all types of buildings.

Yes, you can order a canopy in the size you need. Please note, however, that its width must range between 1 meter and 6 meters with a maximum projection of 1.2 meters. In case of additional questions regarding specific measurements please contact us directly.

It all depends on the size of the canopy and its placement. In general, to ensure proper installation and trouble-free operation, it is best to leave this task to experienced professionals. Our team provides fitting services, and you can order such a service with your canopy.

We use only the highest quality materials to ensure the durability and functionality of our Dutch canopies. This way, you can be sure that both the frame and the cover will function perfectly for many years.