Electric Awnings

Electric awnings are a great way to bask in nature’s wonderful ambience while keeping tabs on heat control and light entry into your home. Built to last and enhance relaxation, they are suitable for high rise windows and porches, allowing you to spend time outside regardless of the weather. At Awning Depot, we are committed to providing you with choice electric awnings, wedge canopies and motorised sunroofs that are tailored to your home’s needs. Our electric awnings come in various sizes and are custom made to blend into your home, restaurant or patio design. They are easily retractable, with the press of a button, allowing you to keep out natural light intrusion.

full cassette awnings

Full Cassette

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traditional awning

Traditional Victorian

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open cassette awning

Open Cassette Awning

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High-quality, waterproof motorised awnings

Awning Depot’s motorised awnings are manufactured in house, reducing the timeline between orders and delivery. This also ensures quality control and a faster installation process. Whether you are looking to keep the sun out the window or create an outdoor relaxation spot, our electric awning canopies get the job done smoothly. With 17 years of motorised awning production and installation, we offer a unique blend of experience and skill to ensure customer satisfaction. Our clients are treated to a variety of electric awning choices, including open cassette awning, full cassette, traditional victorian awning, conservatory awnings, as well as dutch and wedge canopies.


drop arm blinds

Drop Arm

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conservatory awnings

Conservatory Awnings

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exterior vertical banner

Vertical Blinds

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Why Use Our Electric Awnings?

  • Compact And Durable: Our electric awnings are compact, foldable and retractable at the press of a button. They are also long-lasting and manufactured from durable material. They are also fitted with wind sensors, which allow your electric sun canopy to close independently in your absence or during harsh weather. This helps to prevent wear and tear, elongating the life of your retractable shades.
  • Locally Manufactured: Awning Depot’s electric awnings are designed and manufactured in-house by experienced hands, ensuring the production and delivery of high quality and industry-standard mobile awnings to our clients. It also reduces waiting times between order placement and delivery to as little as seven days and a maximum of twelve.
  • Warranty Protection: Our electric awning and wedge canopies are covered by warranty. This includes a complete replacement of defective arms and components at no cost to our customers in the first year of purchase.
  • Tailored For Your Comfort: Awning Depot’s products are specially designed for our customers. Customer satisfaction is our driving force, and we ensure this by listening to you and surveying the best electric awning option for your home. Consequently, our products are custom made, ensuring each home and client gets the best of their outdoor spots. We work within your budget and provide installation services to make the entire process hassle-free and relaxing for you.
  • Unrivalled Expertise: When you choose Awning Depot, you can be sure to receive the best product servicing on the market. Awning Depot is a leading manufacturer of electric awnings with over 17 years of industry experience. Our team is full of well trained and experienced personnel that respond to the peculiarities of your orders and needs with professional insights.

If you are looking to purchase electronic outdoor shades in the UK Mainland area, Awning Depot is your best stop. We design an array of outdoor shade coverings and make ordering and shopping for electric awnings seamless and time-effective by providing quotations off your desired style and pictures of your home. Delivery outside the mainland is also available upon request.