Garden canopies and awnings

If you often find yourself giving up on spending time in the outdoors because it is either too hot, raining or the sunlight is too intense, garden canopies and awnings may be just the solution you need! Designed with the needs of your property in mind, our products can help you keep the sun at bay and create a comfortable seating area on your patio or terrace for a relaxing afternoon or a garden party with friends. And with a custom-made retractable garden awning, you gain even more – you can open or retract the awning in a matter of seconds, so it’s entirely up to you whether you want to enjoy the sunlight or shield yourself from it.


Bring comfort to your property with bespoke garden canopy

We understand that your property and needs are unique, and universal solutions are not enough to meet the requirements of your project. That’s why with our offer you can count on a garden canopy or awning made from start to finish in our factory to your specifications. The size, colour, style, type of operation, extras like dimmable LED lighting and wind sensors – you tell us what you need, and we deliver the finished product. Add style and functionality to your garden and enjoy the fresh air in comfort in any type of weather.


open cassette awning

Open Cassette Awning

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full cassette awnings

Full Cassette

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traditional awning

Traditional Victorian

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drop arm blinds

Drop Arm

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Turn your garden into an extension of your home with our highly functional and durable garden awnings and canopies capable of withstanding the British weather!

Our restaurant awnings come in a range of styles and designs, giving you the chance to choose the perfect model for your business. But whether it’s the classic charm of a Victorian awning or the modern character of a full cassette awning that you decide to go with, you don’t need to settle for standard designs. Personalise your awning by displaying your brand name on the fabric and choosing colours and patterns that can elevate the atmosphere of your restaurant patio and enhance its kerb appeal. With the right design, your building can gain an addition that is just as decorative as it is practical!

Bring style and functionality to your restaurant with our beautiful, made-to-measure and weather-resistant restaurant awnings!

Why garden awnings and canopies from Awning Depot?

  • Great, highly competitive price for a quality product.
  • Fast turnaround as our products are manufactured and assembled here in the UK, rather than imported from overseas.
  • Dealing directly with a manufacturer rather than through distributors, you get personal service when selecting your customised, made to measure products from initial contact to installation and after-sales service.
  • We do not use sub-contractors for installation – we have our own in-house experienced and knowledgeable installation team.
  • Wide choice of high-quality and weather-resistant fabrics in stock.
  • Built-in quality with extras like long-lasting motors, high-quality dimmable LED lights, wind sensors available for selected models.
  • Depending on the model a warranty of 1 or 2 years and 5 years for the fabric from the fabric manufacturer.
  • In-house steel fabrication of fixings suitable for your building structure.
  • Great after-sales service should assistance be required with spare parts.